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Marc Kent - Toastmaster and Public Speaking Consultant
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Public Speaking Consultancy

Have you ever found it difficult to deliver a speech?

Whether you are worried about making that wedding day speech, or perhaps you need to improve your public speaking skills for work I can help.

Public speaking consultantFor many people public speaking can be so daunting that they will do anything to avoid it. Yet, once you discover the real rewards that can result from giving a good speech, you will probably wonder what all the fuss was about.

Given some encouragement and some good training almost anyone can develop the ability to deliver a good speech in public.

I will help give you that confidence. I will take you through the do’s and don’ts, give you advice and help you practice. Most importantly I'll give you the confidence to speak in public.

Guaranteed success

With all my experience as a toastmaster since 1991, as a trained actor, as well as teaching public speaking skills at all levels, I can provide a training programme which will guarantee you success in delivering a speech.

As well as learning visual, vocal and verbal skills you will gain confidence and conquer fear without changing your personality.

The teaching will be adapted to your needs - from nervous beginners to helping improve more experienced speakers techniques.

Services include:

  • General effective presentation and public speaking skills: within a business or social environment.

  • Speak to teach: learn to put your message across in a more enthusiastic, interesting way within the education system.

  • Communication skills for students leaving education.

  • Speeches to order: assistance in speech writing and voice coaching

  • Combined acting/speaking course to gain confidence

Group public speaking training

1 day training programmes from 5 persons, up to maximum of 10 – either in-house or within a suitable location. Active role play scenarios will be included, as well as prepared speech presentations.

Course notes provided.

All within a relaxed, enjoyable environment. Video of speeches can be provided if required.


Fees for group training start from £195 per person (lunch provided)

Individual one-on-one training starts from £45 per hour.

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Worried about making a speech?

  Wedding day or work speeches could be much easier with some advice, tips & practice