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Marc Kent - Toastmaster and Public Speaking Consultant
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    Recomended Toastmaster for South Lodge Hotel, Horsham since 2003, running over 700 weddings.  



Weddings and Events

The one thing that is invariably said by guests at the weddings that Marc attends is "I wish that I'd had someone like you at our wedding".

Marc Kent, ToastmasterBy having Marc as a toastmaster and MC at the wedding, or any event where there is a large number of people (50 is a large number if you are trying to get them organised!) it will ensure that the day runs smoothly. He'll be there not just to introduce speakers, but work with the photographer to get the right people in the right picture, keep the receiving line moving, liaise with other professionals (caterers, registrar, hotel staff etc) to keep everything to schedule and much more.

He will oversee the running of the wedding, or event, and deal with any problems so that you can get on with enjoying the day.

The style that you want

Marc can also help to create the atmosphere that you want - whether you want it to be 'fun and humorous', or 'formal and serious' - he has the personality and experience to adapt his style to meet your needs.

Whatever the style, you will get a professional service where all the formalities are taken care of.

Services include:

  • Co-ordinate a running order

  • Ensure everyone and everything is in the right place at the right time

  • Deal with any unexpected situations in a calm and professional manner

  • Help put speakers at their ease

  • Advise speakers on style, content and timing

Gay Weddings

Having worked in my professional capacity at a number of gay weddings and been toastmaster for civil partnerships on numerous occasions I will ensure that ensure that everyone feels at ease and relaxed and that your big day goes smoothly.

Other events

Specialising in weddings, charity events, ladies luncheons and livery functions.



Business events and conferences can equally be catered for.

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  I will co-ordinate everything on the day so you can get on with enjoying yourself.  

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